Review : Hyundai Santa Fe facelift

Looking at the front, the new model is known by floodlights rimmed in black, gray and underbody protection of the handrail from the roof black. The chrome underbody protection is also found on the back.

As for the new 2012 Hyundai proposes the restyling of its Santa Fe SUV, which mainly involves the aesthetic line. Other changes include the moldings of access, the new automatic transmission shifter, heated steering wheel and an assistant to the guide that allows you to go down more easily in the dirt roads on slopes.

As for the engines you can choose between a gasoline engine from 2.4 liters and 174 hp, which transmits its power to the front wheels for a minimum price of 29,700 Euros or 31,700 Euros for both axes. The automatic transmission for four-wheel drive costs about 1,800 Euros more. Even the diesel engine from 2.2 liters and 197 hp for purchase at a minimum cost 32,810 euros and is available with front-wheel drive with automatic transmission.

For the diesel engine is also provided valuable line of premium equipment from a price of 40,250 euros. In this way, the Hyundai Santa Fe costs 350 euros more, while the increase in price for the equipment Comfort is 170 Euros. (Mg / sp-x)

* All data in this article apply to the German market.


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