Review : Toyota Celica 2012

In truth, been a while since Toyota launched a sports car, and this seems to be the right time. The Toyota Celica for 2012 is expected well in advance, thanks to reports that Toyota will take this sports car and go up one level with direct spunky Subaru transmission. This means that these two manufacturers will partner to create a sporty two-door coupe, affordable and very attractive.

How the Toyota Celica Coupes Compare to Other Sports By partnering with Subaru, Toyota Celica 2012 should compete well with the Genesis Coupe Gyundai and Mazda MX5. These are sports cars semi relatively inexpensive (compared to their cousins ​​most luxurious).

Performance The 2012 Celica is equipped with a four-cylinder engine and a platform with rear wheel drive. Base models will be priced at approximately $ 17,000.

Interior Features The 2012 Celica has room for four, although the rear seat will not have enough space for adult passengers on long trips. This sports car is built for performance and comfort for front passengers, mostly.

Exterior Features The 2012 Celica has a hatchback with a sloping roof and a very modern look. Toyota and Subaru designed it to be a sports car with a high price look real but a relatively low price.

What to expect from Toyota Celica 2012 This partnership between Toyota and Subaru has been anticipated for a long time, thanks to Subaru's longstanding reputation when build sports cars and Toyota's reputation for comfortable interiors and consumer friendly. And with a price under $ 20,000, worth a look.


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