News : Potential Dangers Found in Automobiles

Potential Dangers Found in Automobiles
Potential Dangers Found in Automobiles

For all of the energy, both political and economic, that is spent on the external affects of cars, not enough is spent on the dangerous effects of the chemicals inside of cars and the long-term medical conditions that it can cause in riders. There are so many potential dangers that have been found in automobiles in recent studies that there has actually been political action against the materials that are used inside the plastic and cars, as well as the materials that are used for many other parts of vehicles in general.

Below are some of the more relevant dangers that have been found in automobiles by recent studies, and what you can do to avoid them.

– Compounds in the plastics

If you have ever wondered how they get the plastics inside of vehicles to feel all different kinds of ways – hard when they need it hard, soft when they needed soft – the answer is chemicals that can do a great deal of harm to you if you are around them too much. Many of the materials and plastics in vehicles are also used in PVCs, which have long been shown to be quite detrimental to the long-term health of humans if used improperly.

However, with vehicles, these compounds used in these plastics take on a new level of potential danger. Because of the temperature fluctuation inside cars, these compounds act to become more dangerous when exposed to summer temperatures. They also become quite dangerous if you allow the inside of your car to get dirty, as these compounds will input themselves into the dust particles that you breathe and off of your dashboard and windshield.

Some of the long-term negative effects that prolonged exposure to these compounds in the plastics can cause are mesothelioma, asthma, liver dysfunction and digestive dysfunction. All of these conditions are conditions that cannot be cured, and remain as a permanent lower quality of life for those people unfortunate enough to contract these conditions.

However, you can avoid a great deal of these compounds if you simply keep the inside of your car clean and free of dust particles. These dust particles tend to accumulate on the dashboard and on the inside windshield, so make sure that these two areas are especially clean when you get ready to drive.

Also, another way that you can stay away from these particles is to have someone else clean out your vehicle and do the appropriate services around the brakes, struts and engine parts. However, if you insist on doing these functions yourself, beware of asbestos especially in older vehicles. Exposure to asbestos can also lead to mesothelioma. They are in parts like drum brakes, gaskets, clutches, etc. Make sure that you were a gas mask when you are under the car and when you are lifting the hood of the car in order to access any part of the car that is plastic or that gets extremely hot when the car is in use.

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Review : Chevrolet Cruze

Review :  Chevrolet Cruze
Specifications :
• MSRP: $ 16,275 - $ 21,975
• Drive: Front wheel drive
• Brakes: Front and rear disc brakes
• Suspension: Front MacPherson suspension torsion beam rear
• Power: 136 to 148 HP depending on the terrain and the engine

Models available: The Cruze is available in base LS, mid-range and LT1 LT2, LTZ luxury options and fuel-efficient Eco-trim. In addition, the Cruze offers optional RS appearance package that features a rear spoiler, front fog lamps, and a host of other exterior improvements.

The exterior design of the new signs will help the Cruze important to compete against the competition which include the Dodge Caliber, Toyota Camry and Ford Focus.

Review :  Chevrolet Cruze
Surprisingly roomy for a smaller sedan, the Chevrolet Cruze offers a wide legroom in front, while rear seat passengers can be a bit narrow. The interior is comfortable, triple windshield sealing and reduces sound advanced layers that form part of the standard package for the Cruze. The dash is stylish and functional with excellent readability, and the seats of leather or fabric are available for an additional charge. The Chevy Cruze is compatible with all the latest high-tech toys as well, with a USB port for iPod users, Bluetooth for cell determined, and an optional high-end Pioneer audio with nine speakers for music fans. Fifteen cubic feet of trunk space makes the Cruze stands out in the compact sedan market, and the rear seats fold flat to provide even more space when needed.

The Cruze puts safety first with ten separate air bags as standard equipment, ensuring maximum protection for driver and passengers in case of collision. Anti-lock brakes on all four wheels and patented stability provide excellent stability and traction control for the vehicle, even on slippery or uneven. The OnStar service is included for six months, so that the Cruze is a solid choice for safety conscious consumers.

Review :  Chevrolet Cruze
The new Chevrolet Cruze 2011 represents the latest foray of the company in the market for four-door sedan offers exceptional value and outstanding fuel efficiency for a five-passenger vehicle. The Cruze will be available in LS, LT and LTZ, and the levels of LS and Eco Echo have one standard six-speed manual transmission with automatic transmission is available, all other trim levels come with automatic transmission, six speeds. The Chevrolet Cruze Eco is the leading fuel line, however, the incorporation of the new Chevy Ecotec engine has a hybrid and gives a range of low run for their money at 40 miles per gallon and a price of $ 18,895 .

General conclusions:
The 2011 Chevrolet Cruze is an ideal choice to compete in the category with a surprisingly low price, standard features and highlighting the exceptional fuel economy. For consumers who can not afford a hybrid car, the Cruze may well be the best option.

Review : Toyota Celica 2012

In truth, been a while since Toyota launched a sports car, and this seems to be the right time. The Toyota Celica for 2012 is expected well in advance, thanks to reports that Toyota will take this sports car and go up one level with direct spunky Subaru transmission. This means that these two manufacturers will partner to create a sporty two-door coupe, affordable and very attractive.

How the Toyota Celica Coupes Compare to Other Sports By partnering with Subaru, Toyota Celica 2012 should compete well with the Genesis Coupe Gyundai and Mazda MX5. These are sports cars semi relatively inexpensive (compared to their cousins ​​most luxurious).

Performance The 2012 Celica is equipped with a four-cylinder engine and a platform with rear wheel drive. Base models will be priced at approximately $ 17,000.

Interior Features The 2012 Celica has room for four, although the rear seat will not have enough space for adult passengers on long trips. This sports car is built for performance and comfort for front passengers, mostly.

Exterior Features The 2012 Celica has a hatchback with a sloping roof and a very modern look. Toyota and Subaru designed it to be a sports car with a high price look real but a relatively low price.

What to expect from Toyota Celica 2012 This partnership between Toyota and Subaru has been anticipated for a long time, thanks to Subaru's longstanding reputation when build sports cars and Toyota's reputation for comfortable interiors and consumer friendly. And with a price under $ 20,000, worth a look.

Review : Hyundai Santa Fe facelift

Looking at the front, the new model is known by floodlights rimmed in black, gray and underbody protection of the handrail from the roof black. The chrome underbody protection is also found on the back.

As for the new 2012 Hyundai proposes the restyling of its Santa Fe SUV, which mainly involves the aesthetic line. Other changes include the moldings of access, the new automatic transmission shifter, heated steering wheel and an assistant to the guide that allows you to go down more easily in the dirt roads on slopes.

As for the engines you can choose between a gasoline engine from 2.4 liters and 174 hp, which transmits its power to the front wheels for a minimum price of 29,700 Euros or 31,700 Euros for both axes. The automatic transmission for four-wheel drive costs about 1,800 Euros more. Even the diesel engine from 2.2 liters and 197 hp for purchase at a minimum cost 32,810 euros and is available with front-wheel drive with automatic transmission.

For the diesel engine is also provided valuable line of premium equipment from a price of 40,250 euros. In this way, the Hyundai Santa Fe costs 350 euros more, while the increase in price for the equipment Comfort is 170 Euros. (Mg / sp-x)

* All data in this article apply to the German market.

Review : Volkswagen E-Bugster

Review :  Volkswagen E-Bugster
The name E-Bugster refers to the term "bug" (from insect), the Ragster concept, presented in 2005, and the family of models of electric Volkswagen , from which it takes the letter. This all-electric engine with 115 hp, has already been used on the electric version of the Golf. For this model presented in Detroit, Volkswagen has fitted 20-inch wheels with tires 235 / 35 R20.

Review :  Volkswagen E-Bugster
Going into details, this version of "green" the Beetle can do 180 km with a full charge of its lithium-ion battery and accelerated in a very respectable time for an electric model (10.9 seconds). Volkswagen does not guarantee what the weight difference between the Beetle and the E-Bugster, but anticipates that the electric engine of the latter (from 115 hp and placed under the hood) weighs only 80 pounds.

In addition, the compartment to house the batteries is that of the rear seats that have been deleted. The manufacturer ensures that these batteries can be recharged using conventional network, with fast-charging stations and even during braking and deceleration. In the process faster, it takes only 35 minutes to achieve the 80% charge.

Review :  Volkswagen E-Bugster
Volkswagen wants to remain part of the builders involved with the cause of energy and, therefore, confirm the promotion of the Beetle recently presented. The E-Bugster derived from the last model is a prototype from Wolfsburg, but with the particularity that has only two seats, is lower than 8 cm and is powered by an all-electric engine.

New 3.0 V6 Biturbo for Audi TDI (News)

The letter of introduction of this new engine, already available on models A6 and A7 Sportback is really important: 313 hp, 650 Nm of torque and a power consumption of just 6.4 liters. Apart from the data on consumption, anyone who attempted to guess the structure of an engine with similar characteristics would have thought a V8 or even a ten-cylinder engine. Instead, with the support of the turbocharger and injection system that operates up to 2,000 bar of pressure, Audi managed to pour all this potential on a six-cylinder engine.

Although it sounds strange, even a 3-liter twin-turbo engine can fit into the logic "downsizing." This technique, which undoubtedly marked the first decade of the century, is to supercharge displacements less interesting data to keep power and torque. Audi was the last to introduce a new example in this regard, and has developed a new and undisputed leader in terms of efficiency.

Performance should not add much. A6 5.1 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h, just 2 / 10 in less time requiring Avant A6 or A7 Sportback. As for consumption, the data obtained is approval of 5.6 and 6.4 liters of the road on the combined cycle, which is equivalent to CO2 emissions of less than 170 grams per kilometer. Performance should not add much. A6 5.1 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h, just 2 / 10 in less time requiring Avant A6 or A7 Sportback. As for consumption, the data obtained is approval of 5.6 and 6.4 liters of the road on the combined cycle, which is equivalent to CO2 emissions of less than 170 grams per kilometer.

Opel Insignia CrossFour (Review)

We start from the price. The increase in capacity and equipment of ' Insignia CrossFour shall ensure that the cost of this version is at least of 4,000 € * more expensive than a conventional Insignia Sports Tourer. It is a large investment (at least € 35,155 *), but strongly recommended for those who attended and snow roads, unpaved, mud, or who simply want greater security in a moderate off-road conditions.

As part of the standard dell'allestimento "Sports", the customer will find two diesel engines, a 160 bhp 2.0 CDTi and 2.0 CDTi ilnuovo Biturbo with 195 hp. Both engines include FlexRide adaptive damping, the system start / stop, six-speed manual transmission and rear differential lock. Only the 160 hp engine can be combined with an automatic transmission, also six speed.

The most interesting aspects of this version focuses on the four exhaust pipes (which were made by Imrscher tuners), the wheel arches and bumpers finished in matte gray, as well as aluminum caps placed on the back and front.

Opel has already sold the new Insignia family member. This is an off-road version of its sedan for excellence that not only adds aesthetic elements to the body, but also the four-wheel drive system, a rear limited slip differential and the last twin-turbo engine from Rüsselsheim ...

In this way, Opel offers an alternative to off-road sedans such as the Skoda Scout Audi Allroad 4x4 or future Volkswagen Passat Alltrack.

* Prices refer to the Spanish market.

Review Chevrolet Cruze 2012

Review Chevrolet Cruze 2012
2012 Chevrolet Cruze sedan was introduced in September at the Paris Auto Salon. The new Cruze style and sporty style. 2012 Chevrolet Cruze sedan model is focused on where the fuel savings are very impressive.

2012 models include the Chevrolet Cruze sedan similar to 2011 but also offers a hatchback model and possibly a two-door coupe. Release date for 2012 has not been established.

Chevrolet has also decided that in addition to fuel-efficient cars that the car is going to be super stylish and attractive. Hatchback model car will be sold in mid-2012.

Security Features
Security features include ten standard airbags, a safety cage made ​​of high strength, and crush-resistant roof. The All-Star with Automatic Response crash free for the first 6 months after purchase.

And electronic stability control system kept the vehicle on the road in emergency situations. A security feature is an optional feature rear parking which can detect objects behind the vehicle and warns the driver.

Chevrolet Cruze said tested with more than 4 million miles and more extreme weather in the world. They say that the "Cruze is one of the vehicles tested in Chevrolet history." They support their claims with outstanding warranty of 100,000 miles or 5 years.

Review Toyota Land Cruiser 2012

Toyota Land Cruiser during 2011 has met sixty years, and to keep for next year, will receive some improvements. Is minimal, but will provide an update to one of the SUVs some truly authentic is still sold in the market.

Just starting VX to complete, was the Land Cruiser range. In the five-door version will combine suspensions KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System). The suspension system increases driving comfort Land Cruiser on the road, while maintaining the ability of their excellent roads.

On the other hand, the Land Cruiser VX also now includes 18-inch wheels that allow wider tires on. And as an option can now be mounted direction xenon headlights, something not previously available.

Finally there is a new version called the company's NX and fleet, available only with the body 5-door, 5 seats and different because it incorporates a partition that separates the cargo area. Approval had N1.

Prices range from 2012 Toyota Land Cruiser

3 Doors
Land Cruiser D-4D GX € 40,250
Land Cruiser VX D-4D € 42,550
Land Cruiser VX D-4D AT € 44,850
D-4D Land Cruiser AUTO VXL € 54,000

5 door
D-4D Land Cruiser NX (fleet) € 38,750
Land Cruiser D-4D GX € 43,150
Land Cruiser VX D-4D € 46,400 MT
Land Cruiser VX D-4D AT € 48,700
D-4D Land Cruiser AUTO VXL € 61,950
D-4D Land Cruiser LIMITED € 70,200
Land Cruiser LIMITED V6 € 76,800

BMW Dynamic Light Spot

BMW has developed a system to recognize pedestrians at night, which directs them automatically to a beam of light to alert the driver and clearly mark its position. This is called Dynamic Light Spot, and is available as optional equipment.

These systems work together with the night vision system, which uses an infrared camera (or thermal cameras), which requires no previous emission of ultraviolet light (and save energy). The camera is placed at the top of the windshield with the point of view up to 24 degrees and has a range exceeding 100 meters.

Headlights have additional lights that respective light beams and directing lights for pedestrians (or animal) that detects recognition system. This makes it stand out from the shadows (and usually at a distance that light to illuminate as much as only the feet).

This additional light will turn on only when pedestrians are too far away (outside the scope of the low beam, which should be between 50 and 80 m), when the car approached, and the lights that normally illuminate pedestrians and additional lights went out.

This system recognizes the positive people at a distance of 97 meters on average, regardless of the weather. If the driver saw the pedestrian before (or other constraints) can react and prevent the occurrence of various violations and scope.

A study by BMW, pedestrians wearing dark clothing at night and driving with dipped lights, recognizable at a glance by the driver when and only 29 meters away. To give us an idea, running at 80 km / h, stopping distance is about 60 to 65 m. With the new security system is three times the distance at which we are aware of pedestrians or animals.

This system seems very attractive. Now we have to see how much it costs and how quickly became popular makes and models in general (and affordable).
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