Review : Volkswagen E-Bugster

Review :  Volkswagen E-Bugster
The name E-Bugster refers to the term "bug" (from insect), the Ragster concept, presented in 2005, and the family of models of electric Volkswagen , from which it takes the letter. This all-electric engine with 115 hp, has already been used on the electric version of the Golf. For this model presented in Detroit, Volkswagen has fitted 20-inch wheels with tires 235 / 35 R20.

Review :  Volkswagen E-Bugster
Going into details, this version of "green" the Beetle can do 180 km with a full charge of its lithium-ion battery and accelerated in a very respectable time for an electric model (10.9 seconds). Volkswagen does not guarantee what the weight difference between the Beetle and the E-Bugster, but anticipates that the electric engine of the latter (from 115 hp and placed under the hood) weighs only 80 pounds.

In addition, the compartment to house the batteries is that of the rear seats that have been deleted. The manufacturer ensures that these batteries can be recharged using conventional network, with fast-charging stations and even during braking and deceleration. In the process faster, it takes only 35 minutes to achieve the 80% charge.

Review :  Volkswagen E-Bugster
Volkswagen wants to remain part of the builders involved with the cause of energy and, therefore, confirm the promotion of the Beetle recently presented. The E-Bugster derived from the last model is a prototype from Wolfsburg, but with the particularity that has only two seats, is lower than 8 cm and is powered by an all-electric engine.


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