Review : Volkswagen Passat Alltrack (2012)

On sale in 2012
Volkswagen will launch shortly a new version of the Passat range. During 2012, the sedan's most successful brand - which were already produced 15 million units during its almost four decades of life - have a new off-road version. Currently, there are four engines have been confirmed and the possibility to choose between wheel drive or front ...

According to the leaders of the model, the new Alltrack is designed to fill the gap between the version of the Passat wagon (variant) and the Tiguan. The brand provides, in fact, that responds to evolving customer demand for these two cars, a lot of them would be interested in combining the qualities of the Tiguan off-road with the excellent load capacity of the Passat Variant.

Thus, the present Alltrack new angles of attack and output more similar to those of an SUV, as well as a height that would allow it to move off-road, far beyond the muddy ground. Besides these, we do not have more concrete information, but at least we know which engines will make up the initial range at the beginning of sales.

Two diesel and two petrol
The Passat Alltrack will be available with four engines, two petrol and two diesel. With the last two (2.0 TDI with 140 hp and 170) consumption will be 5.7 and 5.8 liters respectively. It is a very low cost when you consider the size, weight, and from which part of the weight that reaches all-wheel drive on the more powerful version. As for the diesel versions, Volkswagen will assemble the TSI engines from 160 hp and 210. With the most powerful diesel and petrol versions will be available 4Motion all-wheel drive.

The official launch of this model occurred at the Tokyo Motor Show, from 3 to 11 December, and in Italy at the Bologna Motor Show, the market is expected in early 2012.


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