Jaguar moves forward with the production of C-X75

Jaguar moves forward with the production of C-X75
It was confirmed that the construction Jaguar will proceed with the production of C-X75, revealed at the last Paris Motor Show. The Williams F1 team will help the British manufacturer in its construction, where the contribution of Williams will be in terms of aerodynamics, the use of carbon and hybrid technologies.

Jaguar moves forward with the production of C-X75A limited edition of 250 copies, the prototype C-X75 comes equipped with a hybrid propulsion system, which combines a gasoline engine with two electric and four-wheel drive.

Jaguar announces an acceleration of 0 to 96 km / h in under three seconds and from 0 to 160km / h in under six. The maximum speed is greater than 320 km / h. In electric only mode is the autonomy of 50 km and CO2 emissions are 99g/km.

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The super-sporty hit the market at a price between 800,000 and 1 million euros, depending on the market and depending on the respective tax authorities.


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