Periodic Engineering Maintenance

Periodic Engineering Maintenance
It must be obeyed by all users of the car is service and regular maintenance. This becomes very important thing because the engine system also has its own mechanisms which also require such refreshment of fresh air, water, lubricants and also cleanliness.

In a routine service there are some special notes to consider: water filters, gas filters, and oil combustion chamber. 4 it is forbidden to be forgotten. Water filters are very important when it serves to filter the air quality which will be mixed with gasoline in the combustion chamber. It is like nostrils and our lungs. Fuel filter too. We never know the true quality of the fuel we buy. If there is dirt inside, then the micro holes in the carburetor / injection will be disrupted. While the oil is very active role in the "launch" any mechanical movement of the metal in the engine.

Traffic hours, poor quality fuel, the temperature of the earth and our negligence in the care of the car are some important factors that can accelerate damage to the engine. In case of jams, engine load becomes very heavy considering the cooling of the air moving system is not obtained even when there are electric fans for it. This is compounded with the temperature around the machine becomes very hot, use air conditioners and other electrical systems in cars that could cause the water in the radiator system heat and evaporate faster. Obviously this will lead to over-heat which causes engine knocking / jammed.

To reduce the burden on the performance of car engines, can be routinely diringanan by adding water to the radiator and also the selection of appropriate and high quality oil. Both of these things become very important because oil and water is the last defense of the machine when there is heavy load.


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