Honda CR-V (2012)

Honda CR-V (2012)
There is still a bit 'of time before its official launch, but the next CR-V has almost acquired its final form. Honda will present the new model in Europe in autumn 2012 with a few aesthetic differences, among which the new mask and a different bumper, while others are kept distinct characteristics that have in recent years, as the rear lights in a vertical position .

Apart from questions concerning the design, Honda ensures that the most interesting aspect of the new model will be made ​​by the advantages offered by a more efficient engines and small measures applied to the body and to improve its aerodynamics. However, the house with headquarters in Tokyo has not yet confirmed whether it will continue to bet on the same line of engines (one petrol and one diesel, both with 150 horsepower) or launch entirely new units. A priori, the new model will be lower and longer than the previous one, so the dynamic qualities and acoustic comfort can be a main improvements obtained by Honda.

The CR-V is a particularly important in view of the SUV because, along with the Toyota RAV-4 , was one of the forerunners of the modern SUV. The first appearance of this prototype will be in September during the International Exhibition of Orange County, California, a month which also opens the Frankfurt Motor Show across the ocean, where it is possible that the car has a first approach with the public. It must be remembered that the CR-V is a particularly important role in the American market, as it turns out to be one of the best-selling SUV in recent years.


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